Des Linden Spring Step Challenge With FitnessBank

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Watching Des Linden compete in the Atlanta Olympic Time trials was amazing. It was even better to be able to step along side her afterwards with the Fitness Bank Spring Step Challenge. The first month I was able to step along and see how I stacked up against some other runners which was a lot like Strava but with steps. Then Des joined the group and it was fun to follow along with an elite runner.

What is Fitness Bank? It is a step counting App where they track your steps, you EARN on the steps you make. Make all your steps in a day, rise up on the tracker leaderboard and earn money for all of your hard work.

It is the right step forward no matter what.

What I liked most about the Fitnessbank App was being able to follow along with my friends that also joined the challenge so that we were competing with ourselves along with the larger group. That brought another level of competition to the whole experience.

Another great feature is that you don’t have to invest right away to participate in the challenges, you can participate, get some motivation, win some prizes and then sign up and start earning. *You are putting the effort in, you can really make it worth your while. Yes, they are a real bank so you are really earning some cash (member FDIC).

What I didn’t like about Fitnessbank app was that the steps were an average daily and it would sync at weird times so when I would check sometimes it didn’t quite add up until I figured out exactly how it worked.

Let’s be honest with March and April. The entire world was turned upside down, literally. My running routine was basically non existent with my kids home 24/7 and an extreme change to my husbands work schedule. There were some days where I wasn’t able to get out and run (it is still like this but it is getting better.) Chasing my kids around produced a lot of steps.

What made this Spring Step Challenge really fun was that even though I couldn’t get a run outside my steps around the house and chasing the boys still kept me in the game and that really helped me stay motivated to keep moving. So even when life gives you lemons-you can still make lemonade with the FitnessBank App.

I encourage you to check out or look up FitnessBank App in the App Store.

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